Michael Schneider British Heart Foundation Simon Marks Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Director of BHF Centre for Research Excellence

There has never been a better time to study the roots of cardiovascular disease or to pursue transformative new game-changing therapies.

Friends have always been welcomed so warmly by Professor Michael Schneider and his team at Imperial’s British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence.  This Behind-the-Scenes event gives Members another opportunity to visit this world-class centre of research and activity.    

The timetable for the evening is as follows:


Arrival and registration at the ICTEM Building, Du Cane Road London W12 0NN. It is the first building left of the shop Costcutter found on the right side of the hospital.  

It is no. 7 on the Hammersmith Campus map here.


Welcome presentation from Professor Michael Schneider

18.15 - 20.10

Guests then split into three groups and are timetabled for rotation of the following:

Presentations (each lasting 15 mins):

On floor 3 - Intensive care for human hearts in stem cell-derived models

Prof Michael Schneider, Head of Heart Science, heads the Cardiac Myogenesis, Death and Regeneration research group.

On floor 4 - New opportunities for the Centre of Excellence

Prof Sian Harding, Professor of Cardiac Pharmacology at the National Heart and Lung Institute, and a co-investigator within the UKRMP Immunomodulation Hub.  She is Scientific PI for the UK's first clinical trial on myocardial gene therapy.

On floor 5 - Imaging blood vessels to understand vascular disease

Prof Dorian Haskard, Head of the Vascular Sciences Section at NHLI (2014-2017); Head of Division of Immunology and Inflammation in the Department of Medicine (2010-2017); and Head of the Division of Clinical Cardiovascular Science (2017-2018).

Mending broken genes

Prof Claire Shovlin, Professor of Practice (Clinical and Molecular Medicine).

Lab tours (each lasting 15 mins):

On floor 3 - A cell in a haystack and a haystack in a cell: leading edge-technologies to study cardiac disease

Tour led by Michela Noseda, Research Fellow within the Cardiac Myogenesis, Death and Regeneration research group.

On floor 4 - Engineering new Heart Tissue

Tour led by Dr Tom Owen, Research Associate, Myocardial Function.

On floor 5 - Blood vessels health and disease - from genes to 3D printed vascular networks

Lung on a chip?

Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard

3D printing of vascular networks

Dr Josefin Ahnström

Growing endothelial cells from blood

Dr Dilip Patel

20.15 - 20.40
Wine, soft drinks, nibbles and conversation with the team's Professors, researchers and fellow Members

20.45 Close


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[Prof Schneider at Imperial]