Department Life Sciences, Dr Erica McAlister Senior Curator Diptera

A visit behind-the-scenes to the flies and mosquito collections and an insight into the research work being carried out.

Dr McAlister has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 series Natural History Heroes in 2015 talking about entomologist George Verrall and on the Science Friday radio show in December 2017. She has also appeared on the TV programmes University Challenge and the Museum of Life.

In her book, 'The Secret Life of Flies', Dr McAlister gets under the wings of these crucial creatures as she adventures into the land of the fly. From hungry herbivores and precocious pollinators to robber flies, dance flies and the much maligned mosquito, she describes the different types of fly, their unique and often unusual characteristics, and the unpredictable nature of their daily life.

Join a private tour to see these in all their glory at the NHM.

Combining the NHM experts' deep knowledge and love of flies with a wonderful knack for storytelling, our hosts will have you amazed and captivated by the secret life of flies.

The timetable for the event is as follows:

18.15 – Friends arrival, to meet at Natural History Museum Queen’s Gate entrance. See it on their map here

18.30 – Welcome and introduction from Dr Tim Littlewood, Head Department Life Sciences

18.40 – Led by the Senior Curator for Diptera and Siphonaptera, Dr Erica McAlister, Friends split into 2 groups to have private tours around the flies and mosquito collections  

19.20 – Groups swap visit areas

20:00 – Drinks, nibbles and conversation with researchers and visit leaders

20:30 – Event ends


[NHM - Dr Littlewood]

[NHM - Dr McAlister]