Jo Marchant, science author, journalist, alumnus.

The author of Cure: a journey into the science of mind over body, Jo revealed amazing research results on the effects of placebos, from ‘kissing it better’ to hypnosis and Lourdes. It was a level-headed look at alternatives to prescription drugs.

It is a controversial subject. The idea of ‘healing thoughts’ was long-ago adopted by new age gurus and spiritual healers. But Jo showed that scientific researchers from a range of fields are now uncovering evidence that our subjective thoughts, emotions and beliefs can have very real benefits for our health, from easing symptoms and influencing immune responses to reducing our risk of getting ill in the first place.

Jo is an award-winning science writer who has travels a wide terrain of ideas – from hypnosis to meditation, from placebos to positive visualisation – rescuing each from the realm of pseudoscience. Drawing on the very latest research Jo discusses the potential – and the limitations – of the mind’s ability to influence our health. You can see more about Jo Marchant here, and you can buy the book here.

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