Earth Science and Engineering: understanding planets’ systems and processes

Professor Mark Sephton, Head of Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London

Professor Sephton gave a virtual welcome to Members and guests of Friends of Imperial. He and his colleague, Professor Tina van De Flierdt, covered their areas of expertise with short talks and then took live Q&A’s:

Professor Sephton is a member of the Science Team for the Mars 2020 mission, which will land on Mars on 18 February 2021. He  introduced the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, and shared how his career has evolved to have him looking for signs of life on Mars.

Professor Tina van De Flierdt researches the paleoclimate of Antarctica using geochemistry. Professor van De Flierdt shared her experience of visiting Antarctica to take ice-core samples, which were then analysed in the lab using geochemical techniques to understand changes in climate – for example, evidence of rainforest near the South Pole.

This event is part of an exclusive programme of virtual Member-only events to hear from Imperial departments and their teams. Each live streamed event gives Members of Friends of Imperial College and their guest’s unique access to hear about the department's key research and activities.

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