A talk by Professor Jerome Gauntlett, Imperial College London

Black holes are amongst the most extraordinary objects that are known to exist in the universe.

They are predictions of Einstein's theory of General Relativity, our best theory of gravity, and they have recently been directly observed using gravitational waves. By incorporating quantum theory we know that black holes have entropy, a concept that was first introduced to understand the properties of heat.

This remarkable fact is considered to be a key clue for elucidating the fundamental laws of physics, which may well involve string theory.

Jerome Gauntlett is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College and was the Head of the Theoretical Physics Group from 2010-2016. He has extensive experience in public communication of science and was the Theoretical Physics Consultant for the award winning film The Theory of Everything. He has an Erdos-Bacon number of six (having written a paper with Shing-Tung Yau and appeared in the film Windrider with Nicole Kidman).

He grew up in Perth studied at the University of Western Australia, graduating with First class Honours in Physics and Maths in 1986. His postgraduate studies were in the late Stephen Hawking’s group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), University of Cambridge, where Professor Gauntlett obtained his PhD in 1991 under the supervision of Paul Townsend.

He has held research positions at the University of Chicago and at CALTECH and was also a Professor at Queen Mary, University of London. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada and also a Scholar of the Korea Institute of Advanced Studies in Seoul.

Professor Gauntlett’s principal research interests are focussed on string theory, quantum field theory and black holes, as well as the rich interconnections between string theory and pure mathematics. He has published well over 100 scientific papers and been the Principal Investigator on numerous grants. Professor Gauntlett was awarded a prestigious Advanced Grant from the European Research Council, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and was honoured with a Royal Society Wolfson merit award.

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