The Higgs field may hold answers to some fundamental questions about the Universe, from its beginnings to its current state and to its eventual end.

Arttu Rajantie, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London

The discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 completed the Standard Model of particle physics, our current theory of elementary particles and the laws that govern them. Professor Rajantie discussed what have we actually learned from it.

Professor Arttu Rajantie is a Member of Imperial’s Theoretical Physics group, his research focuses on applications of quantum field theory in cosmology and particle physics. He is also involved in the MoEDAL experiment at the LHC and lectures on Unification - the Standard Model.

Image credit:A Higgs candidate event from the CMS experiment (image credit: CERN; CMS; T. McCauley and L. Taylor) superimposed on a Hubble Space Telescope image of the Abell 520 cluster (image credit: NASA; ESA; CFHT; CXO; M.J. Jee, University of California, Davis, and A. Mahdavi, San Francisco State University)

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