Dr. Pantelis Georgiou, Biomedical Electronics, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Centre for Bio-inspired Technology

In this talk, Dr Georgiou presented how his lab is advancing rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases through the design of microchip-based Lab-on-Chip systems.

He showcased Lacewing, their latest handheld diagnostic system which is able to rapidly identify bacterial and viral infections in under 30 minutes, communicating results in real-time to the cloud for epidemiological surveillance. Results from their latest trials for detection of malaria and bacterial resistant infections were shown in addition to the most recent efforts in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak.

You can view the recording of this fireside chat here on our YouTube channel

Dr. Pantelis Georgiou currently holds the position of Reader in Biomedical Electronics at Imperial College London within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is head of the Bio-inspired Metabolic Technology Laboratory in the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology.

His research includes bio-inspired circuits and systems, Lab-on-Chip technologies, and application of microelectronic technology to create novel medical devices. He has made significant contributions to integrated chemical-sensing systems, conducting pioneering work on the development of rapid diagnostics for infectious diseases.

In 2017, he was awarded the IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement award and was an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer in Circuits and Systems.

For more information and updates on his work, please follow Lacewing on twitter @LacewingCBIT or the project page www.protonDX.com

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