Journey to the inner rocky planets, learn about the solar wind…

Dr Suzanne Imber, Associate Professor in Space Physics, University of Leicester; Imperial Alumna; winner of the BBC2 series 'Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?'

Friends joined Associate Professor Suzie Imber on a journey to the inner rocky planets and the solar wind. She is Co-Investigator on the X-ray spectrometer on board the joint ESA/JAXA BepiColombo spacecraft currently en route to Mercury, and which could have a role confirming the presence of phosphine, a bio marker gas detected on Venus.

She specialises in space weather; understanding the impact of the solar wind on the magnetised planets, in particular the Earth and Mercury.  She was also the winner of the BBC 2 series entitled ‘Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes?’ in which twelve candidates were put through astronaut training. She endured challenges such as taking her own blood, speaking Russian while in a centrifuge at 5g and carrying out emergency procedures on the NASA undersea astronaut training facility, Aquarius. Suzie received a letter of recommendation from Chris Hadfield to support her application to the European Space Agency astronaut training programme.

Suzie was recently selected as one of 80 women from all over the world for the Homeward Bound leadership programme, a year-long, international effort to bring together scientists and policy makers to seek solutions to climate change and to engage with governments.   

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image courtesy of NASA

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