Professor Guang-Zhong Yang

The Hamlyn Centre was established for developing safe, effective and accessible technologies to reshape the future of health care through the use of imaging, sensing and robotics in the developing and developed world.

The Centre plays an active role in international collaboration and outreach activities, as well as in the training of surgeons and engineers in robotic technologies, thereby facilitating a fully-integrated clinical approach. In addition to its core research activities, the Centre offers comprehensive PhD and MRes programmes for researchers with a strong technical or clinical background. These programmes are designed to develop cutting edge, disruptive technologies and blue-sky ideas, yet will be appropriately accessible to both developing and developed countries. A central goal is to address the different needs of healthcare challenges with a common ground for technological innovation.

The establishment of the Hamlyn Centre has been made possible through generous philanthropic support from both the Helen Hamlyn Trust, and from Lady Hamlyn personally. Through its endowment fund and close working relationship with industry, government and non-government organisations, the Centre also offers Advanced Fellowships, International Fellowships, Faculty Exchange Programmes, and Research Secondment for specific research projects and technical areas.

The Hamlyn Centre is part of the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI), which is working towards improving health and reducing health inequalities in developed and developing countries. It aims to overcome global health challenges by harnessing Imperial’s interdisciplinary research strengths and its expertise in safe, effective and accessible technologies.


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