From tums to bums and all the knobbly bits in between

Dr Erica McAlister - Senior Curator Diptera, Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum

Ever wondered how flies see, how they walk, how they fly? In this live streamed Fireside Chat, exclusively for Members and their guests, we were enthralled by the mechanics of flies and how in turn they have inspired us in many modern scientific endeavours.

Dr McAlister, entomologist and author, revealed the inside out of flies. Her new book, The Inside Out of Flies, is a look under the bonnet at the astonishing mechanics of fly anatomy. It reveals the engineering miracles embodied in different species of fly and some of the fascinating implications they hold for human technology.

Combining the NHM experts' deep knowledge and love of flies with a wonderful knack for storytelling, our host from Imperial's neighbour had everyone amazed and captivated with the inside out of flies.

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You can view the recording of this fireside chat on our YouTube channel here!


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