Life on Mars

Thursday 13th June 2019 @ 19:30

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Sanjeev Gupta Professor of Earth Sciences

Evidence of organic matter on Mars, changing concentrations of methane, lakes beneath the ice are all indicators that life could have been present on Mars and may be still.

Professor Sanjeev Gupta is a co-investigator both on the Mastcam camera team on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover mission in Gale crater and the Pancam camera team on the ExoMars 2020 rover mission.

In June 2018, NASA reported organic matter found at the bottom of a crater on the Red Planet suggested there might have been life there once. Samples of the matter were analysed by a team of scientists, including Prof Gupta.

He reported on the BBC news of the significant discovery of the finding of organic matter on Mars and the change in concentrations of methane.

One year on, come and hear the latest news!

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