How the sun influences climate

Tuesday 16th November 2010 @ 19:00

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Professor Joanna Haigh, Chair of Atmospheric Physics; Head of Department of Physics, Imperial College, Member of the Royal Society Working Group on Geoengineering.

How do changes in the Sun affect the Earth’s climate?  Observations of sunspots date back to at least the 2nd century BC, and so have speculations that sunspot numbers are related to weather, but scientific evidence is more elusive.

Joanna Haigh’s research group has been studying the effects of variations in solar radiation on the climate.  They have found that solar activity plays a greater role in the climate of middle latitudes than of the tropics, and that an important factor driving this response is the absorption of solar ultraviolet radiation in the stratosphere.

Recent satellite measurements of the sun’s ultraviolet, visible and infrared energy output show unexpected large variations leading to hitherto unexpected variations in the atmosphere. What are the implications for climate change?

Might it be possible to counteract global warming by solar radiation management techniques?

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