Real Tricks: the quantum mechanics show

Tuesday 25th January 2011 @ 19:00

Non-Member: £12.00 ; Staff: £5.00 ; Student: £3.00

Master of Ceremonies Dr Nic Harrigan and his troupe of post-graduate quantum physicists

Tricks and treats of the quantum world

The finest young scientific minds will demonstrate how to recreate the world's favourite magic tricks - only without the tricks. 

This magic is real. In this one-off entertainment learn how quantum physicists perform real magic - from teleportation to telepathy.

Dr Nic Harrigan will be Master of Ceremonies. Nic is well known for his ability to explain and excite the marvels of quantum physics. He won the Fame Lab prize in 2007 for his explanation of how microwaves work. You can see his prize-winning presentation and two others by clicking on the links on the right-hand column.

Optionally followed by supper (this can be booked on the event booking form).
After the lecture a Friends' Table has been reserved at a local restaurant to entertain the speaker and for any of the audience who would like to join us to continue the evening's discussion. A two-course fixed price supper is served including wine, coffee and service charge.

Venue: Sir Alexander Fleming Building