Behind-the-scenes @ Lifelong Health Project

Wednesday 18th April 2012 @ 18:15

Armand Marie Leroi, Professor of Evolutionary Development Biology

The unprecedented increase in the number of elderly has many repercussions.

Our ageing population is bringing with it a number of challenges. The unprecedented increase in the number of elderly has many repercussions for financial, social and medical aspects of day-to-day life. Population ageing represents a global challenge and although the increased life expectancy symbolises a scientific success story, it brings with it fresh new challenges.

Ageing represents a highly fitting theme for a multidisciplinary research programme and Imperial is engaging in a breadth of ageing research, from pensions to tissue engineering, through to neurodegenerative diseases, biosensors and personal mobility.

The Lifelong health project brings together world-class research teams from the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences, and the Business School, helping to catalyse cutting-edge high impact ageing research and allowing us to contribute to this high priority area in a very diverse way.

This event is open to members, their guests and donors to the College.

Venue: Room 122, 1st Floor, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College Road