Amazing quantum worlds

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 @ 19:00

Non-Member: £12.00 ; Staff: £5.00 ; Student: £3.00

Dr Simon Foster and his Controlled Dynamic Quantum Group

Join us for this popular show in which students put on a series of acts demonstrating the mysteries of the amazing quantum world where anything could happen and generally does.

Acts in the show will include:

Zack: we are all familiar with the ideas of lasers burning and cutting, but did you know they can be used to cool things? In this talk Zack will show you just how laser cooling works and what it can be used for.
Max: if you have ever watched Star Trek, you will have seen people transporting down to mysterious alien planets, but teleportation is just science fiction right? Wrong!  Teleportation of particles is indeed possible and in the future it might even be possible to teleport people. Join max to find out how and watch him teleport objects across the room (NB: this is a trick demo).
Kamil: Cancer is the worlds biggest killer, and scientists are constantly looking for a cure. Kamil will show you how quantum mechanics could hold the key to stopping this terrible disease.
Anthony: Magnets are all around us, and we take them for granted, but we have only just started to understand how magnetism happens. In this talk Anthony will explain how quantum effects can explain magnetism and show off his magnetic liquids!
David: In Back to the Future 2 we see cars and people floating around but could we ever really do this? David takes us into the quantum world to explain superconductivity and levitation, with an ice cold demo.
Claudio: nearly everyday people travel through tunnels on the underground, but to do this we need to dig out massive amounts of earth. However using Quantum effects could we ever tunnel through solid  walls? Claudio will try his own tunnelling experiment live!
Izzy: The wave-particle duality of light and matter has perplexed scientists for decades, and here Izzy will try to explain this issue in 5 minutes!
Chris: Lasers were originally called 'a solution looking for a problem' but today the world is unimaginable without them. Chris will explain how these amazing tools work.
Christopher: Quantum computing could be the next scientific breakthrough and will change the world around us. Here Chris explains how a quantum computer works, why it?s so hard to make one, and why they are so important.
Simon Foster studied Physics with Space science (so he's a qualified rocket scientist) at the University of Southampton and stayed on to undertake a PhD in Solar-terrestrial Physics, specialising in solar variability and climate change. Simon has taught science and astronomy in primary and secondary schools and is currently the outreach officer for the Department of Physics at Imperial College London.

Simon competed in the 2009 FameLab competition winning the London heat and coming 3rd in the national final, held at the Cheltenham science festival. Since the competition, Simon has talked at various science and music festivals around the UK, as well as presenting TV and Radio shows for the BBC and Channel 4.

Venue: Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Lecture Theatre 1