Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 12th November 2013 @ 18:00

Roderick Rhys Jones, Chair

John Little, Deputy Chair

Bill Blackburn, Treasurer

Presentation of Annual report and Accounts and a revised constitution prior to our application to register as a Charity

In addition to the Annual Report presented by the Chairman Rod Rhys Jones and the Accounts presented by the Treasurer Bill Blackburn there will also be an important vote on the proposed new Constitution presented by the Deputy Chairman John Little.

At previous AGMs members have approved a move to charitable status - in 2011 it was agreed the committee should investigate the option and in 2012 it was agreed that we should take the necessary steps to register as a charity. At this meeting we need members' approval for the new proposed constitution, which has been prepared to meet the requirements of the Charities Commission.  Your committee unanimously agreed at the most recent committee meeting to recommend the attached proposed new Constitution for formal adoption at the AGM.

Given the importance of this vote we would request that as many members as possible attend the AGM.  If you are unable to attend you may nominate the Chairman to vote on your behalf.  You may do so by clicking on one of the two (corrected) links below:

  • FOR - adoption of the proposed new constitution

  • AGAINST - adoption of the proposed new constitution

You should find in the right hand panel links to the necessary papers for the meeting.  The documents are:

  • The Agenda for the meeting
  • The minutes of the previous meeting
  • The existing Constitution of Friends of Imperial College
  • The proposed new Constitution of Friends of Imperial College


Venue: Room 120 Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Opposite Theatre 1