Extraordinary General Meeting

Thursday 26th March 2015 @ 18:15

John Little, Deputy Chairman Friends of Imperial College

Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on the adoption of the revised constitution.

The sole purpose of the meeting is to vote on the proposed changes to the Constitution presented by the Deputy Chairman John Little.

At the AGM in November 2013 members approved a new constitution as part of the move to charitable status.  As part of the application process we have been advised to modify our constitution to simplify and make very clear our charitable purposes ('objects' in Charity Commission parlance).

While making the required changes we have also taken the opportunity to make some further clarifications as suggested by members.

Given the importance of this vote we would request that as many members as possible attend the EGM.  If you are a member and unable to attend you may nominate the Chairman of the meeting (the Deputy Chairman of Friends) to vote on your behalf.  You may do so by clicking on one of the two links below:


  • FOR - adoption of the proposed new constitution


  • AGAINST - adoption of the proposed new constitution


 The documents for the meeting are:

Venue: Room 008a and 008b, Floor O, Sherfield Building, Imperial College London