Bio-inspired aerial robots

Thursday 30th April 2015 @ 19:00

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Dr Mirko Kovac, Director of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory

Aerial robots are being developed with unique abilities, inspired by the biomechanics and movements of insects, birds and animals.



"I'm very excited about the future of this field," says Dr Kovac.

"There are a lot of tasks that we can do with flying robots, such as sensing pollution, observing and protecting wildlife, or we could use them for search and rescue operations after tsunamis."

The research of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory focuses on the design, fabrication and testing of next generation flying robots and it employs biological inspiration as a key design methodology to achieve high performance systems.

Current research topics include:
•Bio-inspired construction with aerial robots.
•Hybrid locomotion for robots to move in air, water, on ground and in forest environments.
•Aerial robots as tools to study the evolution of flight.

Dr. Mirko Kovac is Director of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory and Lecturer in Aero-structures at Imperial College London.  His research interest is the conception, design and testing of novel, biologically inspired flying robots for environmental sensing and emergency response applications.


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