The Quantum Showcase: a journey through time

Wednesday 11th February 2015 @ 19:00

Non-Member: £5.00 ; Staff: £5.00 ; Student: £3.00

Dr Simon Foster and students from the Controlled Quantum Dynamics group, Dept. of Physics, Imperial College London

Come join us for a peek into the minds and the worlds of the Quantum physicist.



Whilst many of us think of quantum mechanics as a futuristic science, with the possibility of teleportation and quantum computers on the horizon, it has its roots in scientific discoveries made over 150 years ago!  

The new cohort of PhD students in the Controlled Quantum Dynamics (CQD) Group show how their research into future technologies is based on the solutions to puzzles that were elucidated by Bohr, Feynman and, not least, the anti-quantum physicist, Einstein!

They’ll take you on a journey through time, from these experiments to the fascinating scientific breakthroughs that are now allowing to take place.

Quantum technologies have already changed the world around us, from lasers to flash drives.  We are also discovering more about how nature makes use of quantum physics, from large scale processes such as nuclear fusion in the Sun, to photosynthesis in plants. Even your nose utilises quantum physics to make smelling possible!  

We look forward to welcoming you into this fascinating and sometimes puzzling area of science and giving you a taste of the quantum world to come.

Venue: Clore Lecture Hall, Huxley Building, Imperial College London

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