Why we remember some things and forget others

Tuesday 7th November 2017 @ 19:00

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Dr Claudia Clopath, Head of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Lecturer in Bio Engineering

Gaining a better understanding of the brain is an urgent challenge in our society, due to higher incidence of neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Models that mimic the brain and the results of experiments work hand-in-hand to provide greater understanding.

Dr. Claudia Clopath heads up the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, part of the Bioengineering Department at Imperial College London.

The lab is especially interested in the field of learning and memory, which is thought to happen when connections between neurons change, a process called synaptic plasticity. This research has two main types of applications: medical applications leading to translational research and engineering applications helping for example to design machines that approach human-like learning capabilities.

Dr Clopath holds an MSc in Physics from the EPFL and did her PhD in Computer Science under Wulfram Gerstner. Before joining Imperial College London, she did postdoctoral fellowships in neuroscience with Nicolas Brunel at Paris Descartes and in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University. She published highly cited articles in top journals such as Science and Nature, has given dozens of invited talks and keynotes around the world, and received various prizes such as the Google Faculty Award in 2015.

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