China: From imitation to innovation

Wednesday 24th January 2018 @ 18:30

George S Yip, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Imperial College Business School

China is moving aggressively from imitation to innovation. How should Western businesses prepare for this tidal wave and ride it? What messages are there for Chinese companies? Professor Yip author of China's Next Strategic Advantage explains.

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George S. Yip is Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Imperial College Business School in London. He was previously Professor of Strategy and Codirector of the Centre on China Innovation at China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.

Join us for the evening to hear Professor Yip speak about his latest book ‘China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation’, sharing his expert knowledge on Chinese innovation and what we can all learn from it.

Overview of ‘China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation’

The history-making development of the Chinese economy has entered a new phase. China is moving aggressively from a strategy of imitation to one of innovation. Driven both by domestic needs and by global ambition, China is establishing itself at the forefront of technological innovation. Western businesses need to prepare for a tidal wave of innovation from China that is about to hit Western markets, and Chinese businesses need to understand the critical importance of innovation in their future.

Experts George Yip and Bruce McKern explain this epic transformation and propose strategies for both Western and Chinese companies. This book is for everyone who does business with China or in China, or is interested in the development of the world’s fastest-growing economy. Western CEOs can learn from Chinese companies and can create an effective innovation process in China, for China and the world. Chinese CEOs can benefit from understanding the strategies of their peers as they strive to enter foreign markets. And all Western businesses should prepare for disruption from their new competitors.

The timetable for the evening is as follows:

•18.15 - arrival at 170 Queens Gate for 18.30 start
Registration and welcome with a glass of wine or soft drinks

•18.30 - 19.15
An audience with Professor Yip in the Solar Room

•19.15 - 19.45
Questions and discussion

•19.45 - 20.30
Wine, soft drinks, evening canapes and conversation, in the Drawing Room

•20.30 Close


Venue: 170 Queens Gate, Imperial College London

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