Quantum Circus

Wednesday 7th February 2018 @ 19:00

Non-Member: £12.00 ; Staff: £5.00 ; Student: £3.00

Dr Simon Foster and students from the Controlled Quantum Dynamics Group, Imperial College London

Join us for this popular show staged by students each year to explain all you really need to know about the peculiarities of quantum physics - and some.

This is a favourite with school groups!

Once again the mysteries and contradictions of CQD are brought to a wider audience in this annual show. 
Quantum technologies have already changed the world around us, from lasers to flash drives.  We are also discovering more about how nature makes use of quantum physics, from large scale processes such as nuclear fusion in the Sun, to photosynthesis in plants. Even your nose utilises quantum physics to make smelling possible!
The students will take us from the beginnings of Quantum Mechanics to the research being done at Imperial today, taking in some of the notable experiments and paradoxes along the way. They will also show us how, employing Quantum Mechanics principles, modern technology can continue to make advances.

We look forward to welcoming you into this fascinating and sometimes puzzling area of science and giving you a taste of the quantum world to come.  No cats will be harmed in the making of this show - neither Schrödinger's or anyone else’s!

Venue: SAF Building, Imperial College London

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