Hyperloop in Britain

Wednesday 21st February 2018 @ 18:30

Sir Peter Michael and friends

Serial entrepreneur and member of Friends Sir Peter Michael Chairs Direct City Networks 300, a UK company seeking to exploit Hyperloop, the ultra high speed transport system, pioneered by Elon Musk, that could shrink time travel between the cities and centres of the UK.

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Join us for the evening to hear from Sir Peter Michael -  serial entrepreneur, member of Friends and Chair of Direct City Networks 300, a UK company seeking to exploit Hyperloop.

Hyperloop was first proposed in a 2013 paper by the American entrepreneur Elon Musk, which outlined a tube-
based system where pods transported passengers or freight at very high speeds in a low friction environment.

A number of organisations are currently working to develop and commercialise this technology. The technical aspects of each proposal vary; however the key elements of
each system include:
•A tube containing a low pressure, controlled environment;
•Sealed pods carrying freight or passengers; and
•A system for levitating and accelerating pods inside the tube.

The anticipated end result is a high speed transport system that, compared to conventional planes, trains or cars, is also very energy efficient because of the lack of air resistance and rolling resistance.

He will be joined by Dr Paul Bruce, an expert in experimental high speed aerodynamics including shock wave / boundary layer interaction and unsteady effects in compressible flow. He will be talking about the technical challenges.

The timetable for the evening is as follows:

•18.15 - arrival at 170 Queens Gate for 18.30 start
Registration and welcome with a glass of wine or soft drinks

•18.30 - 19.30
An audience with Sir Peter Michael and friends in the Solar Room

•19.30 - 20.00
Questions and discussion

•20.00 - 20.30
Wine, soft drinks, evening canapes and conversation, in the Drawing Room

•20.30 Close

Venue: 170 Queens Gate, Imperial College London

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