Behind-the-Scenes @ Imperial College Hackspace

Wednesday 25th October 2017 @ 18:30

We recommend a voluntary donation of £60.00 for this event

Martin Watmough, Manager, Imperial College Advanced Hackspace 

Friends is forming a group of Members to encourage student invention by providing Project Boost Grants to support their ideas. 

Imperial College London has a mission to maximise the impact of Imperial’s dynamic enterprising culture in which everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and experience to translate their ideas from science and technology into practice.

To play our part and contribute to this vision, Friends is forming a group of Members to support the development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

If you would like to be involved in this inspiring project and become a founder Member of the Hackspace Friends group, join us at this launch event in the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace at the White City campus and:

  • Learn about the exciting aims and objectives of the group
  • Meet staff and students who are involved in Hackspace activities, learn about their ideas and their passion to excel in what they do
  • Take a guided tour of the new Hackspace Invention Rooms which provide access to a unique suite of tools and equipment ranging from an ideation space; electronics and bio-science labs; a range of 3D printers and a fabrication facility with advanced machine tools for metal, wood and composites
  • Hear how these facilities allow rapid prototyping to turn ideas into reality.

The Hackspace projects tend to be exciting and exploratory – from micro-satellites to minifusion reactors – but they yield successes: two of Forbes’s 30 Entrepreneur’s Under 30 were supported by project boost grants (with projects for detecting food decomposition and for cheap baby incubators – FreshCheck and LifeCradle).

The college provides Project Boost Grants of £500 to teams and individuals to buy essential consumables in order to assist their further development. The inventors give a brief presentation and write-up and then are assessed relative to their peers. If awarded a grant they are asked to write a blog article about how they have used their work, to participate, if requested, in one of our demonstration days and to stay in contact about how their projects have continued.
Currently only 1 in 7 projects are awarded a Project Boost Grant by the college and it is looking to fund more good projects. Thus there is an opportunity to form a group of Hackspace Friends to finance more and become involved in invention at its grass roots.

We are therefore setting the launch event price at £80 per Member - £20 for the event plus £60 optional donation.  With a proposed 30 founder Members in the group this should provide enough for four new Project Boost Grants; cover the costs of refreshments at this launch event; include an invitation to events in Enterprise Week, March 2018, showcasing the exciting range of activities that make up Imperial’s enterprise community and see the results of the projects that Hackspace Friends has funded.

There may also be opportunities for Hackspace Friends to develop relationships with the Hackspace groups, advising on opportunities, participating in Hackathons, or mentoring students on the technical or commercial development side of projects.

If you are interested in contributing to world-class innovation and entrepreneurship, then join Hackspace Friends.


Venue: Hackspace, White City Campus