Friends of Imperial College started life in 2002.  It has built a proud record of bringing the best, most interesting, most challenging and most important scientific developments to the widest possible audience:

  • Over 150 talks and lectures on every conceivable topic, from Antarctic Ice to Quantum Gravity; from Life on Mars to Creating Artificial Cells; from the Sabre Engine to Hyperloop in Britain
  • Over 50 Behind-the-Scenes visits to Imperial College London facilities and leading research centres in the UK and internationally
  • Over 10 visits to leading centres of scientific research in Geneva, Darmstadt, Tuscany and the Antarctic
  • Dozens of social events, including soirées with leading scientists, academics, authors and industry leaders
  • Not to mention the thousands of bottles of refreshments shared at events!

School group lecture places

As part of our mission to share a passion for knowledge, we have an allocation of group tickets for schools to attend our public lectures at a minimum cost. Some lectures will be relevant to the curriculum, some will simply enthral.

School teachers can book a ‘School group’ ticket to bring their students to the event for just £5 per group.

You can see last year's events here.

A list of all our events since the very beginning is here.

You can make a donation to Friends!