What difference we make together

When you buy an event ticket, join as a Member, make an individual donation to Friends of Imperial College you not only enjoy our programme of events and the opportunities to broaden your own knowledge and engage in debate, but you are also contributing to:

Inspiring the next generation of young students

As part of our mission to share a passion for knowledge, Friends offer school groups free places at our public lectures in order to promote an interest in science amongst school children. Some lectures will be relevant to the curriculum, some will simply enthral.

Enabling the brightest and best College students to realise their full potential

The revenue raised provides sufficient surplus each year to make a donation to the President's Scholarship Fund at Imperial. You can read about the positive work they do here.

Bringing the best, most interesting, most challenging and most important scientific developments to the widest possible audience

As a Registered Charity, our objective is to advance education for the public benefit and share in the passion for exploration and knowledge through the work of Imperial College London.