We curate an event programme which gives the public access to latest scientific knowledge and breakthroughs

Friends of Imperial College run a programme of talks with leading scientists from Imperial College London who reveal the latest research in e.g. space exploration, robotics, bio-engineering and more. 

The talks are aimed at the general public and try to avoid scientific and technical jargon.  You can look at upcoming events here.

We organise Member 'Behind-the-Scenes' visits and tours

We also organise visits which take Members behind-the-scenes at Imperial College London to see laboratories and research institutes. Dyson Robotics Centre, Centre for Blast Injuries, Energy Futures Lab and Institute for Mathematical Sciences are just a few of the places we have been to so far - and more are coming up!

Friends have organised half-day tours to places outside London, e.g. to Diamond Light Particle Accelerator, Harwell Innovation Campus at Oxford, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Orion Laser, Bletchley Park, and JET Tocamak.

We conduct weekend science trips abroad

Science tours to places of scientific interest have included the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Geneva, the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, and the Gravitational Wave Observatory in Pisa - as well as explanation how the leaning tower was stabilised. 

We help children discover the wonders of science - and maybe their future profession

As part of our mission to share a passion for knowledge, we have an allocation of free tickets for GCSE and A level students to attend our public lectures. Some lectures will be relevant to the curriculum, some will simply enthral.

We contribute to the President's Scholarship Fund

Friends contributes to the President's Scholarship Fund which supports the brightest and the best students to study at Imperial College London. 


Lauren Emondy, 2nd Year life sciences says, “My scholarship has helped massively to cover my living costs and has honestly made the difference for me to be able to afford to study in London.

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