We curate an event programme which gives the public access to the latest scientific knowledge and breakthroughs

Friends of Imperial College run a programme of talks with leading scientists from Imperial College London who reveal the latest research in e.g. space exploration, robotics, bio-engineering and much more. 

We organise Member 'Behind-the-Scenes' visits and tours

We also organise visits which take Members behind-the-scenes at Imperial College London to see laboratories and research institutes. Dyson Robotics Centre, Centre for Blast Injuries, Energy Futures Lab and Institute for Mathematical Sciences are just a few of the places we have been to so far - and more are coming up!

Friends have organised half-day tours to places outside London, e.g. the Diamond Light Particle Accelerator, Harwell Innovation Campus at Oxford, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Orion Laser, Bletchley Park, and JET Tocamak.

We conduct weekend science trips abroad

Science tours to places of scientific interest have included the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Geneva, the European Space Agency in Darmstadt and the Gravitational Wave Observatory in Pisa - as well as explanation how the leaning tower was stabilised. 

Friends of Imperial College started life in 2002.  It has built a proud record of bringing the best, most interesting, most challenging and most important scientific developments to the widest possible audience:

  • Hundreds of talks and lectures on every conceivable topic, from Antarctic Ice to Quantum Gravity; from Life on Mars to Creating Artificial Cells; from the Sabre Engine to Hyperloop in Britain
  • A huge range of Behind-the-Scenes visits to Imperial College London facilities and leading research centres in the UK and abroad
  • Numerous visits to leading centres of scientific research in Geneva, Darmstadt, Tuscany and the Antarctic
  • Dozens of social events, including soirées with leading scientists, academics, authors and industry leaders
  • Not to mention the thousands of bottles of refreshments shared at events!

You can see the last academic year's events here.

A list of all our events since the very beginning is here.

You can also read about what difference we make together here