Friends of Imperial College contributes to the public understanding of science, technology and medicine through talks and visits exploring the latest discoveries and developments. Our aim is to entertain and inform non-specialists and experts alike.

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Hear world-class scientists unveil brilliant discoveries and developments in science, technology, engineering and medicine. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to enjoy thought–provoking talks amongst Friends at our public lectures. Explore and book one of our public talks here.


Author: John Talbot

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Author: John Talbot

Our events

  • Higgs cosmology and dark matter

    We have known for decades that most of the mass of the universe comes in the form of an elusive substance we call dark matter. What is currently known about this mysterious substance and how are we searching for its composition including detectors deep underground? Read more

  • Visit to the Wellcome Sanger Institute

    An opportunity for Members and their guests to visit one of the premier centres of genomic discovery and understanding in the world. Read more

  • Science tour to the Netherlands

    Another fascinating, hand-picked, international science tour for Members. This time based around Leiden with the highlight being an accompanied visit to the European Space Research and Technology Centre. Read more

  • What gravity waves are revealing

    This talk will explain how gravitational waves are detected and what we are learning and expect to learn from the European Gravitational Observatory. Read more

  • The beautiful cure

    Hear from Daniel Davis how the cells in the body are exquisitely tuned to combat disease. Read more

  • Fusion future: sun’s power on earth

    Looking at the past, present and possible future of fusion energy, our speaker considers why development has taken so long and how, with new technologies, we may be able to get to commercial fusion faster. Read more