Cosmology and Dark Energy

Cosmology lecture

Public lecture

How does the Universe expand?

Professor Andrew Tolley, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics, Imperial College London

What could be the mysterious Dark Energy that appears to lie behind what the observations appear to show?   Does the speed at which the universe expands really vary with time?  How do simple ideas of gravity fall short?

Professor Tolley is a theoretical physicist with interest in cosmology and gravitational physics. His recent research has focused on explanations of the late time acceleration of the Universe through developing models of Dark Energy and Modified Gravity, and addressing some of the challenges posed by the Cosmological Constant Problem.

In this lecture, Professor Tolley raised the curtain on some fundamental questions concerning the physics of the universe we live in.


This live in-person lecture was part of our programme of events for the academic year 2021-22.

This is a past event.
  • Sir Alexander Fleming lecture theatre
  • South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London
  • London SW7 2BX

Event Schedule

  • 22 March 2022 7:00 pm   -   8:30 pm
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