Tour of ITER, the world’s largest tokamak project


Fireside Chat exclusively for Members and their guests

Guided virtual visit to the ITER project in Southern France where 35 nations are collaborating to build the world's largest tokamak, a magnetic fusion device that has been designed to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that powers our Sun and stars.

The virtual visit for Members lasted for 90 minutes and included a presentation on the ITER project, a video and an immersive virtual tour of the ITER work site. It covered information on the science of ITER, the ITER international collaboration and the large-scale building project that is underway in Saint Paul-lez-Durance.

Enjoy background reading by visiting the ITER website here.

This Fireside Chat was part of our very own mini-series over summer, a programme of FREE events exclusively for Members.
This is a past event.
  • Online by the fireside

Event Schedule

  • 26 August 2021 2:00 pm   -   3:30 pm
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